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atmfiler 3.6

Some sort of service release.

Got a bunch of files that refused to be moved due to some wierd file attributes, this release fix this.
It wont remove the original file attributes on the destination files, just on the source if the move-flag is active.

Download update below.



Now also tested with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, working as intended.

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atmfiler 3.5


New version available, mostly behind the scenes fixes.

  • Fixed issues involving delay combine with running as a service.
  • Added the possibility to edit the folders, instead of remove and add.

Grab the one you want, setup or just the zip-file.

atmfiler-3.5-setup (85K)
atmfiler-3.5 (50K)

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atmfiler 3.4



Two new features!

  • Added the possibility to create a custom date-folder. Characters that are unavailable for naming folders cant be used here aswell, such as : / \
  • Added better delay for sync/copy. Pre 3.4 you could specify how many days old a file must be before sync/copy. Now you can specify days, hours and down to minutes for better precision.


Available here or here.

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atmRename 0.3

Power - Switch User (Custom)

atmRename is a batch-file-renamer.
You can add custom name, datetime from file or you can remove a custom string chunk from filename.


  • Threading upon working on the renaming, the application does not freeze when a huge job is being done.
  • Progressbar.
  • Add custom string at end of filename or at the beginning.
  • Remove old filename or parts of it.
  • Add datetime-string in custom formats.


Some custom date-strings, remember that filenames cannot contain \/: etc.

year four digit is:  yyyy
month: MM
day:  dd
hour:  hh
minutes:  mm
seconds:  ss

Example yyyy-MM-dd - hh.mm.ss-test will look like 2014-02-28 - 11.01.01-test



Download (17k): atmRename-bin-0.3


atmfiler 3.3

So, what is new?
Here we go!

  • If the source-folder contains thousands and thousands of files the sync would progress slow at the beginning.
    Now it checks the files for locks when the copy process started.
  • When running in GUI the application would logg twice if logging
    was enabled, fixed now.
  • Fix for the progressbar upon stop, correctly resets the indicators.
  • Optimized the code, size and speed.
  • More clear options in GUI whetever you want to sync or move files.



Installer with setup: atmfiler-3.3-setup

Portable ZIP: atmfiler-3.3.zip

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atmfiler 3.2


First of all, what does atmfiler do?
It's a file batch mover OR copier if you like. Setup how many from-and-to folders you like.
Quite customable, make subfolders with the date and so on to sort you home pictures.
You can move the files after say, 30 days, good for moving away loggfiles.
Select files that contains some characters in the filename, select files with certain file extentions.
Move the top directory, or copy the whole directory including subdirectorys.


atmfiler 3.2 is ahead, this is whats new!

  • Added an option to enable timestamp in GUI.
  • The settings for On Top, Timestamp in GUI, Logglevel and halt on error doesn't need the save button to kick in anymore.
  • Made the GUI more clean and some small fixes
  • You can now also type manually the folder you want to add, not just browse.
  • Fixed the Current-job progress bar.



Installer and a zip, take your pick!


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ServiceControl 0.1

The result is:

ServiceControl, I wrote this because I have problems with a service that stops from now and then. (known problem for Vista and above with print spooler if the printer driver is too old)

It's a very initial release with not so many features. The main thing this program do is monitor a choosen windows service, and restarts it if it's stopped.
As mentioned earlier, can be good for unstable services or a very important service you dont want to risk kept stopped.

Some ideas for future releases:

  • Possible to install as a Windows Service.
  • Add more than one service to monitor.
  • More actions upon halt.
  • Number of tries before the program dont start it anymore.
  • Timeout max for startup.
  • Configuration file.

Download here: ServiceControl-0.1b-bin

Running on Windows 2000 and above, .NET framework 2.0+ is required.


atmfiler 3.1


So, atmfiler 3.1 available with lots of improvements and fixes.

  • Improved the GUI, much more slick and stable now.
  • Added a counter for the amount of size that is processed. (resets after 92 PB)
  • Now shows the actual source folder and it's extensions when adding them in destination dir settings.
  • The config name now shows in titlebar.
  • It's now possibe to view the source and destination folder settings while running.
  • When stopping, the data/file counter doesn't reset, in addition the data/file counter also resets when pressing "Clear log".
  • Added two progress indicators, one per individual file and one for each and every source directory progress.
  • Fixed a bug that the program could skip some destination directorys if multiple sourcefolders from the same folder was added.
  • Added "always on top" option for the GUI.
  • Changed icon.




atmfiler 3.03 released


Updated atmfiler with a bunch of new features.

  • Added a third option for file-collision, "make a copy". Instead of just overwrite or skip the program now creates a file(0).txt file(1).txt and so on..  if "make a copy"-setting is enabeled.
  • Date-directorys is now available also when sub-dir option is on, the date directory is created in the root of the destination folder, with or without sub-dir.
  • Added a feature so you can copy/move files with special wildcard, it follows the standard input e.a, *file*, that moves file01.dat and file02.dat, but not data.dat.
  • If you want to sort out files without extensions, just hit a blank space in the extension.
  • Cleaned up the config, the program  now deletes info upon delete instead of skipping it.
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes.
  • Copy protected files can now be properly copied/moved.
  • Massive speed improvements.


Download it here:  atmfiler-3.03-setup.

Hope you find use for it.


atmfiler 3.02


What´s New in version 3.02:

  • It's now possible to combine the "Copy-mode" with WaitDays-setting.
  • The program now autosaves on checkbox changes.
  • When "halt-on-error" setting is enabeled, the program stops the
    file-moving thread instead of the whole application.
  • Added green/yellow/red lights for run/paused/stop-status.
  • Made the service install more easy.

This is the version I intended it to be.
If you find the program useful, missing a feature, discovered bugs, I'll appreciate to hear about it.

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