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atmfiler 3.2


First of all, what does atmfiler do?
It's a file batch mover OR copier if you like. Setup how many from-and-to folders you like.
Quite customable, make subfolders with the date and so on to sort you home pictures.
You can move the files after say, 30 days, good for moving away loggfiles.
Select files that contains some characters in the filename, select files with certain file extentions.
Move the top directory, or copy the whole directory including subdirectorys.


atmfiler 3.2 is ahead, this is whats new!

  • Added an option to enable timestamp in GUI.
  • The settings for On Top, Timestamp in GUI, Logglevel and halt on error doesn't need the save button to kick in anymore.
  • Made the GUI more clean and some small fixes
  • You can now also type manually the folder you want to add, not just browse.
  • Fixed the Current-job progress bar.



Installer and a zip, take your pick!


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