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atmfiler, detailed descripton

Atmfiler helps you to keep files updated in two or more location with the sync mode activated.

You may have a folder you always wanna have backup on with the option to overwrite older files, or make a copy on older files. A copy will be placed in the same folder with filename(0).txt filename(1).txt and so on.
This config is based upon one or more "master" folders, the slave folders will backup from this master folder. You can have one slave folder that overwrites old files so it resembles the master folder, and you can have another slave folder to save a version of all changes from the master folder.
This sync is one way based.

You can also have a two way based sync, in this case you just add a new master folder which is the previous slave folder like this picture show. And you will have a two way sync.



  • Atmfiler can handle folders that does not exist for the moment, like a USB-stick. When the USB becomes available the sync will start
  • There are no limitations if the folders are local or on the network.
  • You can ignore subfolders if you like.
  • You can let the application wait x days before it syncs.
  • Logging all the events done.
  • Filters and wildcard for just syncing *.jpg files, or for example files that starts with PHOTO. Unlimited filter rules per folder.
  • Three way to handle file collisions, overwrite, create a new file and skip.
  • You can create subfolders to easy manage photos for example, theese are available: MMMM yyyy, yyyyMMdd with both date of the copied file and file creation date. (january 2014 or 20140101)
  • Possible to add a new file prefix, like COPIED_, that will then be COPIED_file.txt (only available in move)
  • Move files to a folder, as soon as any file arrives (which contains all the above possible parameters) the file is transfered to one or up to unlimited amount of destination folders.
  • Unlimited numbers of master-folders aswell.
  • No limitations on the amout of sync data.
  • Handle folders "in motion", new files can arrive without issues.



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