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atmRename 0.3

Power - Switch User (Custom)

atmRename is a batch-file-renamer.
You can add custom name, datetime from file or you can remove a custom string chunk from filename.


  • Threading upon working on the renaming, the application does not freeze when a huge job is being done.
  • Progressbar.
  • Add custom string at end of filename or at the beginning.
  • Remove old filename or parts of it.
  • Add datetime-string in custom formats.


Some custom date-strings, remember that filenames cannot contain \/: etc.

year four digit is:  yyyy
month: MM
day:  dd
hour:  hh
minutes:  mm
seconds:  ss

Example yyyy-MM-dd - hh.mm.ss-test will look like 2014-02-28 - 11.01.01-test



Download (17k): atmRename-bin-0.3

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