K# Developers X3


The main function is scanning X numbers of IN-directorys for files and move/copy them  to Y numbers of OUT-directorys.



Some features:

  • Runs as an application or a Windows service.
  • Specify unlimited amount of source and destination folders.
  • Possible to create a prefix on moved files.
  • Possible to wait with sync and specify days, hours and down to minutes.
  • Possible to install multiple services on a machine.
  • The service dont move a file until its properly done.
  • Possible to log every event.
  • Move files depending on file extension
  • Possible to create a sub-folder with the file month date, and custom named folders.
  • Easy to use GUI.
  • Copy between folders, for backup etc.
  • "Sync" multiple folders with no delete-task.

The program is a file-copy/mover, it moves/copies files from folders
to one or more destinaton folders.
atmfiler can also separate files per file extension if you
only want to copy a special kind of file and leave the rest.
Or if extention1 should go in folder A, and extention2 should
go in folder B.
You can also make sub-dirs with the filedate if you wanna
auto-sort per date.
New features in release 3 is proper sub-directory search and move.
Another new thing is that the program can Copy to another directory,
not just move. Just make a Copy to one or more folders.

To install this program as a service, just hit the button "Install as a
service". You can change the service name and the description.
Before you run your service, it's recommended that you test your settings
in application mode.

Service mode settings
When running in service mode its important to set the service Log On to
a user that have the proper credentials to all folders specified in the
config file.
To specify Log On settings:
Properties in services on atmfiler.exe->Log On tab-> Check Log on as to
"This account" and enter the user/pwd.
Its also important when running in service mode to have the right network
paths if you wanna move files from/to another drive. EA, you cant use your
mapped drive like Z:\, you must use the correct network path for Z:\,
like \\server\files. Windows service act this way because logon scripts
are not executed for windows services and even manually assigned drive
letters are not accessible in the context of a windows service.
This is how Services work, nothing I can do about it, it's a security thing.

General settings
The program generate atmfiler.ini upon start. It will set some
settings to default.
It's recommended just to use the GUI to change settings.
Here is a short description.
Scan Interval = How often the looping should rerun after finished.
HaltOnError = If the program should stop upon error or continue.
NumberOfIndirs = how many "indirs" you want to copy from (source)
NumberOfUtDirs = how many "outdirs" you want to copy to (destination)
Name = The configs name.
ServiceName = What the service should be named if installed as a
service, if you wanna use more than one instance you have to have
different named on theese. If leaved blank the name will be atmfiler.
ServiceDescription = The descripion thats appear in the service manager.
Good to keep track on what config is.
Logg all = loggs everything
Logg some = loggs almost everything.
Logg nothing = no logging to a file.
All Loggs will be stored in a subfolder called logg\

To add a Indir, just click the button "Add" and browse to the desired folder
and click OK.
Now you have a source folder, a folder to move/copy from. Like an inbox.
Now you can change settings on this folder. Default extensions is *, that
means copy all files from that folder. If you just want to move/copy say
zip-files and rar-files just select the *, press - to remove, then press
+ and type zip, repeat and type rar. Now the program just will react on those
Default settings is not to search in sub-folders, check that if you want to
scan and move sub-folders.
Copy-setting is used when you dont want to delete files in the source folder,
it just makes a copy.
The setting 'WaitDays' is used if you dont want to move/copy files right away.
If you set the setting to 1, it waits one day (24 hours) until the file/files
There are some forbidden combinations like have waitdays activated while on copy-mode.
The GUI will warn you if you entered some bad combinations.

To add a Outdir, just click the button "Add" and browse to the folder you wish
and click OK.
This will create a destination folder, a folder the program move/copy to.
Incoming Directorys is the most important settings, you must connect at least
one infolder per outfolder to make the program work. Hit +, to add a Indir.
You can only add those Indirs that's added. Like if you only have one indir
the only optopn you have is to enter 1.
If you want to make a backup-dir for instance, add another and connect the same
Under some settings you can enter a file new file prefix on moved/copied files.
You can also create a Date Directory.
GenerateDateDir=1 creates a folder with the file month.
GenerateDateDir=2 creates a folder with the file exact date.
GenerateDateDir=3 creates a folder with todays file month.
GenerateDateDir=4 creates a folder with todays exact date.
GenerateDateDir=5 enables custom folder name creation
GenerateDateDirCustom= custom date-dir, can use below naming guide for different date configuration.

Some documentation for how the custom date directory can be used.
NOTICE, characters that are forbidden in Folders also are unavailable
for naming a custom directory. Such as \ / :
t ShortTimePattern h.mm tt
d ShortDatePattern M.d.yyyy
T LongTimePattern h.mm.ss tt
D LongDatePattern dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy
f (combination of D and t) dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy h.mm tt
F FullDateTimePattern dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy h:mm:ss tt
g (combination of d and t) M.d.yyyy h.mm tt
G (combination of d and T) M.d.yyyy h.mm.ss tt
m, M MonthDayPattern MMMM dd
y, Y YearMonthPattern MMMM, yyyy
r, R RFC1123Pattern ddd, dd MMM yyyy HH'.'mm'.'ss 'GMT' (*)
s SortableDateTi­mePattern yyyy'-'MM'-'dd'T'HH'.'mm'.'ss (*)
u UniversalSorta­bleDateTimePat­tern yyyy'-'MM'-'dd HH'.'mm'.'ss'Z' (*)


It's always recommended to use the GUI to edit settings, otherwise it might not work as intended.