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Location, Location, Location.

That whats atmfiler is all about.
Move/alter your files so you don't have to.

Sneak peak of what to come, it's gonna be good.


Major update for atmfiler

A brand new version is coming up. Based on the reliable atmfiler 2.x code.
News for 3.0 is a brand new GUI, since the pre 3 versions only was console/service based they could be a bit confusing.
So there will be no atmfiler frontend to configure the settings.

It will come with some features aswell, such as:

  • Possible to include subfolders.
  • Sync directorys if files have been changed, no moving just copying upon file changes.
  • Much easier to configure.


Service install is still available.

So, atmfiler 3.0 coming soon.


atmfiler 2.8

Some news for the atmfiler, brand new build. Download it here.

  • Fixed a bug that made the output in the console invisible when loglvl was set to 0.
  • Minor stability fix.
  • ┬áIt's now possible to start the program in console without syntax.
  • Some code clean up.
  • Removed the setting GenerateDateDirDay that worked together with GenerateDateDir.
    GenerateDateDirDay is still useable in config just for compability.
  • GenerateDateDir now can have four settings 1,2,3 and 4.
    GenerateDateDir=1 creates a folder with the file month.
    GenerateDateDir=2 creates a folder with the file exact date.
    GenerateDateDir=3 creates a folder with todays file month.
    GenerateDateDir=4 creates a folder with todays exact date.
    GenerateDateDir=0 deactivates creating of this sub folder.

I've realized that this service will have a quite narrow audience so I will develop a GUI-tool to make the configuration easy.



Site issues

Got some issues with the site, gonna rebuild it real soon.

atmfiler 2.7 is available here.
Readme and an example config file is included.