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ServiceControl 0.1

The result is:

ServiceControl, I wrote this because I have problems with a service that stops from now and then. (known problem for Vista and above with print spooler if the printer driver is too old)

It's a very initial release with not so many features. The main thing this program do is monitor a choosen windows service, and restarts it if it's stopped.
As mentioned earlier, can be good for unstable services or a very important service you dont want to risk kept stopped.

Some ideas for future releases:

  • Possible to install as a Windows Service.
  • Add more than one service to monitor.
  • More actions upon halt.
  • Number of tries before the program dont start it anymore.
  • Timeout max for startup.
  • Configuration file.

Download here: ServiceControl-0.1b-bin

Running on Windows 2000 and above, .NET framework 2.0+ is required.