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New iPad

Apple unveils 'new iPad' with sharper screen - CBS News http://t.co/uS7DULlm #apple -- Apple News (@applenws)

Retina, it's just because Apple says it is.
Also, will iPad3 be that fast? That display on 2048 by 1536 pixels is quite dense, we can all agree on that.  3.1Million pixels in total. With an A5X CPU, basicly an A5 with two more cores.
Compare that with an iPad2 dual core A5 chip and a 1024 by 768 pixel screen, that makes just 0.78Million pixels.

It don't sums up, iPad3 will power 4 times as many pixels with 2 times the CPU power. Also, adding more cores dont scale with speed so I dont belive it's that much faster than an dual core A5.
I belive the smoothest most lag free experience still will be iPad2.


Hope that ICS will make those Samsung pads smoother.