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atmfiler 3.1


So, atmfiler 3.1 available with lots of improvements and fixes.

  • Improved the GUI, much more slick and stable now.
  • Added a counter for the amount of size that is processed. (resets after 92 PB)
  • Now shows the actual source folder and it's extensions when adding them in destination dir settings.
  • The config name now shows in titlebar.
  • It's now possibe to view the source and destination folder settings while running.
  • When stopping, the data/file counter doesn't reset, in addition the data/file counter also resets when pressing "Clear log".
  • Added two progress indicators, one per individual file and one for each and every source directory progress.
  • Fixed a bug that the program could skip some destination directorys if multiple sourcefolders from the same folder was added.
  • Added "always on top" option for the GUI.
  • Changed icon.