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atmRename 0.3

Power - Switch User (Custom)

atmRename is a batch-file-renamer.
You can add custom name, datetime from file or you can remove a custom string chunk from filename.


  • Threading upon working on the renaming, the application does not freeze when a huge job is being done.
  • Progressbar.
  • Add custom string at end of filename or at the beginning.
  • Remove old filename or parts of it.
  • Add datetime-string in custom formats.


Some custom date-strings, remember that filenames cannot contain \/: etc.

year four digit is:  yyyy
month: MM
day:  dd
hour:  hh
minutes:  mm
seconds:  ss

Example yyyy-MM-dd - hh.mm.ss-test will look like 2014-02-28 - 11.01.01-test



Download (17k): atmRename-bin-0.3


atmfiler 3.03 released


Updated atmfiler with a bunch of new features.

  • Added a third option for file-collision, "make a copy". Instead of just overwrite or skip the program now creates a file(0).txt file(1).txt and so on..  if "make a copy"-setting is enabeled.
  • Date-directorys is now available also when sub-dir option is on, the date directory is created in the root of the destination folder, with or without sub-dir.
  • Added a feature so you can copy/move files with special wildcard, it follows the standard input e.a, *file*, that moves file01.dat and file02.dat, but not data.dat.
  • If you want to sort out files without extensions, just hit a blank space in the extension.
  • Cleaned up the config, the program  now deletes info upon delete instead of skipping it.
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes.
  • Copy protected files can now be properly copied/moved.
  • Massive speed improvements.


Download it here:  atmfiler-3.03-setup.

Hope you find use for it.